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What The Best Leaders Do!

The best leaders are not interested in having their own way, but in finding the best way. – Wilferd Peterson

The Common Misconception About Leadership

a yellow sign with the words "lie" and "truth" written verticallySome leaders make the mistake of believing that their knowledge is always superior: As they see it, they’re always the smartest person in the room!

These leaders see their role as command and control with a little bit of motivation thrown in to keep their employees doing what these leaders want.

These leaders see their employees as mainly human resources (bodies) to get the work done. And, they’re often master manipulators at getting others to do what they want.

As a result, these leaders may rightfully have some success with their methods.

But some success, is not optimal success!  In fact, these leaders could have even greater success, if they adopt a new way of looking at and working with their employees. To make this change, these leaders will have to do what the best leaders do.

The best leadership is not command and control. It's consultation, facilitation, and action. Click To Tweet

What Good Leaders Do Well

a gold key with the word "success" written on itThe best leaders work differently. The best leaders act more like facilitators.

These savvy leaders have learned that the best ideas generally come from those who are closest to the work.

These leaders devote their efforts to inspiring their team.  They actively seek the input of others.

The best leaders make their employees co-contributors in the workplace.

This is what the best leaders do!

The best leaders are not interested in having their own way, but in finding the best way. (Wilferd Peterson) Click To Tweet


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Robert Tanner, MBA

Welcome to my leadership blog. I'm the Founder & Principal Consultant of Business Consulting Solutions LLC, a certified practitioner of psychometric assessments, and a former Adjunct Professor of Management. As a leadership professional, I bring 20+ years of real world experience at all levels of management.

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