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Robert Tanner

Robert Tanner, MBA


Hi, I'm Robert Tanner. I’m the Founder and Principal Consultant of Business Consulting Solutions LLC, based in Vancouver, Washington. Thanks for visiting my leadership blog.

I’m a leadership professional with 20+ years of real-world experience at all levels of management. I have a MBA degree in Strategic Management and a BS degree in Organizational Behavior. I am a certified change management consultant, a top rated national trainer, and a certified practitioner of behavioral type assessments (Myers-Briggs, DISC Profiles, etc.).

I am also a former Adjunct Professor of Management at the graduate and undergraduate levels and a lifetime member of the international honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma.

The Journey

Today, I help people all over the world with management and leadership issues, but this is not where I began. In fact, had you known me when I first started in management you would have had little confidence that I could ever become an effective manager and leader. And, you would have never believed that I would be helping other managers as I do today!

The truth is that I was promoted into management when I was a young man. Like many managers today, I got my promotion into management because of my technical skills—not my people skills. Looking back, however, I was totally unprepared for management.

So, how did I get from there to here? If you have a few moments, I'd love to tell you. Just listen to my audio file below: