How to Stifle Creativity and Innovation

If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking!

General George Patton

The quickest way for a manager or leader to stifle innovative and creative thinking is for the leader to discourage the team from disagreeing with each other.  The other quick method for stifling breakthrough thinking is for the leader to always insist that “things be done his (or her) way.”

The quickest way to stifle innovation and creativity is to surround yourself with yes people Click To Tweet

Conformity is the enemy of innovation and creativity and it is a one-way ticket to becoming obsolete.  Healthy disagreement and experimentation in the workplace is what brings needed change.  When leaders insist (by what they reward) that everyone think alike, well, someone isn’t thinking.

Leaders get what they reward. If they reward obedience and loyalty over creativity and innovation, they will look around and find that they have mediocrity everywhere. Click To Tweet

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