January Management Journey Carnival

Originally published January 2012.

Happy New Year and welcome to the January edition of the Management Journey Carnival!

We’re off to a good start with the first Carnival Edition for this year.  Topics for this month’s Management Journey Blog Carnival include time management, change leadership, employee engagement, interpersonal effectiveness, social business, generational management, motivation, innovation, organizational learning, teamwork, leadership skills, customer relations, self-improvement, and other related topics. This blog carnival presents top posts from thought leaders around the web.

Featured Podcast

The featured podcast this month comes from Harvard Business Review.  In this podcast, author John Coleman and other contributors explain, What Motivates Tomorrow’s Leaders.  It provides enlightening information for employers who are seeking to engage this emerging generation of leaders.

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Featured Articles

What does 2012 promise for all of us? One prediction that we can make with certainty is that this year will bring change.  In fact, continual change is a constant in this new millennium.  In this age of a hyper-connected state of existence, David Armano of L + E | Logic + Emotion explains why this year is The Year of the Change Agent.

The Old Testament proverb says that without a vision the people perish. When leaders do not have a compelling vision of the future, their businesses become obsolete.  For leaders, vision is more than determining the expectations of customers, however.  John Bell of In the CEO Afterlife explains further in his post, Gretzky, Gates, Zuckerberg: Can they See the Unseen?

As managers strive to solve organizational problems with innovative solutions, they often fail because they start off on the wrong foot.  As Anita Campbell of the Open Forum explains, Innovation Starts with Defining the Problem.

It’s a new year and we are all taking stock of what we need to do differently in 2012.  As we do this, we are investing in our own self improvement.  Marc Chernoff of Mark and Angel Hack Life helps us in this effort with his compelling list of 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself.

Several prominent surveys show that employee engagement is on the decline.  How are your employees feeling?  Fortunately, you do not need a survey to answer this question.  Stephen Gill of The Performance Improvement Blog provides an easier way to answer this question in his post, 20 Signs of Employee Disengagement.

One of the toughest tasks for managers is letting people go in a company layoff. When managers perform layoffs callously, they do lasting damage to the organization.  Fortunately, Robert Holland of Communication at Work provides 7 Tips for Communicating a Layoff.

Many businesses have opted for a flat organization to encourage business viability and effective management.  There are some disadvantages to this approach, however.  Scott McDowell of 99% explains how to mitigate some of the unintended consequences of the flat organization in his post, Why Flat Organizations Don’t Create Great Leaders (& What To Do About It).

Are you busy planning your year by making thoughtful resolutions and SMART goals?  Why not be innovative in your approach and turn this process inside out?  As Valerie Pendergrass of Leadership on Speed explains, Instead of Resolutions, Make a Not-To-Do List!

This concludes the January 2012 edition of the Management Journey Carnival.


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