Innovation: How Does Google Do It?

Learning from what others have done before us is the foundation of human progress. After all, who wants to reinvent the wheel, when it already exists?  It’s better to come up with different and better uses for the wheel.

To learn how to create an environment that encourages everyday innovation, it makes sense to listen to a company that has had progress in this area. Google has its detractors but fair observers cannot deny Google’s success as an innovating organization.

So, how exactly does Google promote innovation?

Tony Keusgen, Head of Technology for Google Australia & New Zealand, provides an insider perspective on how Google promotes innovation.  Several principles Google embraces are the following:

  • Work in small groups;
  • Value the wisdom of the crowd;
  • Make the right hire decisions;
  • Employ a flat structure;
  • Support meritocracy wherever it occurs; and
  • Value transparency.

Hear Tony explain further on the following video:

YouTube video

After hearing Tony’s description, it makes you wonder how many companies really promote a culture of innovation.

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