November Management Journey Carnival

Originally published November 2012.

Welcome to the November edition of the Management Journey Carnival.  This month’s Carnival provides tips on team building, strategy, change, communication, networking, stress management, career management, sales, emotional intelligence, and other topics.  Each Carnival consists of insightful articles from the web that contributors submit or that I select for inclusion.


Team Building Corner

Team building is getting renewed interest in the workplace.  It’s needed! The following collection of articles provides some important insights for this important management skill:

What does it take to have that high performing business team that consistently outperforms its goals? It takes strength, agility, endurance, and spirit as Anya Faingersh of  of AnyaWorkSmart explains in her article, A Perfect Team is Like a Perfect Body.—Team Building

Leaders increase the opportunity for their teams to succeed when they pay attention to beginnings! How a leader begins a project matters as Karin Hurt of Let’s Grow Leaders explains on her blog. In her article, Beginning Well to End Strong: Stories and Tips for Successful Starts, Karin provides tips all leaders can use to begin well.—Team Building


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Strategy Corner

With rapidly changing markets, good strategy is critical to a company’s continued viability. Here are some articles that provide valuable insights on this difficult organizational responsibility:

When is business success a curse? What are two keys managers at all levels must have to avoid this business curse? Ron Ashkenas of Harvard Business Review provides real-world insights in his article, Kill Your Business Model Before It Kills You.—Strategy

With experience, business professionals learn that too much reliance on an either/or strategy for management and leadership is a poor method for getting the best results. Often, the right approach is not either/or. Rather it is either/and. The same is true with strategy and execution. Ken Favaro of Strategy + Business explains why this is true in his article, Strategy or Execution: Which Is More Important? —Strategy


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Productivity Corner

No matter where a manager works. She ultimately has to get the work done by effectively leveraging her team and the organizational assets available to her.  The following article provides some tips on organizational productivity:

Mistakes are our best teachers! If we are wise however, we do not have to make every mistake ourselves to become effective managers.  We can learn from the mistakes of others as Karl Stark and Bill Stewart of Inc teach in their article, the 3 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Businesses.—Productivity


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Featured Articles

Change should not occur in organizational isolation. A thoughtful change process is comprehensive accounting for the many parts of an organization that must work together.  For any manager leading a change effort, Beth Banks Cohn of Adra Change Architects asks a critical question, Does the Right Hand Know What All the Other Hands are Doing?Change

It’s the simple, no-to-low cost actions that can have the greatest leadership impact. Thanking people for their work! Giving others the proper credit for their work! Asking people for their input! And, as Bernd Geropp of More Leadership explains, Want to Be a Leader? Turn Off Your Phone!Leadership

A great quote can provide personal inspiration and it can educate others. Kevin Kruse of Forbes proves this to be true in his article, 100 Best Quotes on Leadership.—Leadership Quotes

Never mind that Thanksgiving is this week! If you put up your Halloween costume, you’re moving too quickly. If your career is important to you, there’s still an important lesson you can learn from scary day. As Jennifer Miller of People Equation explains in her article, Is Your Story a Comfortable Fit?trying on one’s re-crafted story of professional achievement can lead to surprising insights – and possibly even new opportunities.—Career Management

This critic is the last person you need to hear from given your recent failure. You know you blew it! Your team knows! Your boss knows! Your team and boss are far more forgiving than this person will ever be, however. This critic just never lets up in their criticism of you. Fortunately, there is help!  In his article, Gerti Schoen of PsychCentral shows How to Lose Your Inner Critic.—Emotional Intelligence

Stress comes with being a manager! It’s the responsibilities and the many competing factors beyond a manager’s authority to control that make the role tough. At times the role feels manageable but other times the stress it causes can be overwhelming. As Margarita Tartakovsky of PsychCentral explains overwhelm is a 20-foot wave crashing into you. Overwhelmed? These 6 Strategies May Help.Stress Management

The final article for this month’s Carnival comes from this blog. Life with its various twists and turns is a continual teacher if we look for the lessons.  In my article I share What Las Vegas Taught Me Again About Change, Management & Life!Change

This concludes the November 2012 edition of the Management Journey Carnival.


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