The 7 Habits of Ineffective Leaders and Managers [Infographic]

Ask any carpenter and he will tell you that it is much harder to construct a building properly from the ground up than it is to tear down an existing building.

The same is true for organizational leaders and managers.

It’s much harder to create an effective organization than it is to create a dysfunctional one.

Today’s managers not only have to manage but they must also lead. And, this is much more than giving directions and showing up for meetings!

Organizational leaders also have to communicate effectivelycreate an environment that fosters employee motivation and engagement, and display behavior that promotes employee trust and respect.

Creating a poor performing organization is unfortunately much easier to accomplish. Business leaders and managers do not have to work too hard to frustrate their employees and harm organizational productivity.

The harm they cause can even be unintentional.   All it takes is continuing reinforcement of an overbearing leadership style, excessive micromanagement, or poorly worded communication to quickly destroy the organization.

The following infographic from Mindflash identifies the 7 habits of ineffective managers (and leaders) and the organizational impact they cause.  It’s a good reminder of everyday habits that business professionals can stop doing immediately to become more effective as leaders and managers.

7 Habits of Ineffective Leaders and Managers

7 Habits of Ineffective Leaders: continually breaking one's word, chastising employees publicly, invading employee privacy, withholding positive feedback, being a know-it-all, not listening, avoiding corrective discipline. Click To Tweet

Infographic created by Mindflash. Courtesy of Used with permission.

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