VIDEO: Using the Three Needs Theory to Improve Motivation



Motivation – Why Winners Never Quit [Video]

As I work with managers, often their main objective for me is to help them "motivate" their teams.  I understand their concern. When employees lack motivation, organizational productivity suffers. While their employees may do their jobs, their employees won't be committed to going that extra mile. Further, without motivation, it's impossible for those managers to move their teams to employee engagement--that passionate attachment that employees have to their work and to the vision of the company.Motivation, a strong desire to act, is a funny thing however! It is internal so technically these managers cannot motivate their teams. As I … [Read More...]

Maya Angelou

Leadership Lessons from Maya Angelou, my Grandmother, and Grandmothers Everywhere

Maya Angelou just passed and I have been struggling with whether I should write a blog post to express my feelings about her life lessons or just quietly reflect to myself on their impact.  Like so many others who have spoken eloquently about her contributions and the wisdom of her quotes, her passing saddens me too.   Although I never met Maya Angelou, I felt that I knew her because she reminded me of my grandmother.A thoughtful business article I read got me thinking about Maya Angelou and my grandmother again. The article reminded me of their wisdom---the simple yet profound wisdom that comes from persevering through struggles. I also … [Read More...]

3D disagreement

If You Hate Conflict Then Leadership is Not For You

John was highly intelligent and cooperative. He excelled at his craft and he took pride in his work. Others liked to work with him.Senior leadership took notice. They promoted him to management. John did well and he quickly progressed to middle management. As John progressed higher into the upper levels of management, however, his effectiveness declined. With time, John's promising career stalled as his organizational area fell into chaos.Some of his ambitious peers were secretly happy with his problems. His problems cleared the way for them to compete for the few top leadership posts in their organization. John saw his dreams of … [Read More...]

Managment Blog Carnival

Management Journey Carnival – The People Factor Video Edition

Welcome to the first quarterly edition of the Management Journey Carnival for 2014! It is difficult to lead and manage effectively in this time of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). There's so much advice on the web about what organizations primarily need to focus on to stay relevant:Some say it's social media. (Get social media right and the power of many voices praising your brand will ensure that you have continued financial success while it also destroys your competitors!) Others say make innovation and leveraging current technologies your first priority. (You can drive up your profits while all the time … [Read More...]


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