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How the World of Work is Changing

Video: How Work is Changing! It is no secret that the world of work is changing! Predictions from a research and technology firm are that these changes will continue through 2020. Senior leaders and operational managers who fail to adapt to these changing requirements in the workplace place their organizations at risk. Using information available […]

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Listening Gets Little Respect!

The following is an article that I wrote for the American Management Association. In it, I describe a leadership skill that has the potential for great return to the workplace. The problem is that this skill often gets little respect from managers.What is it? It is listening as I explain … [Continue Reading...]


Eight Traits of Effective Leaders

Video: Eight Traits of Effective LeadersWhat Do Effective Leaders Do? While there is no one style or personality profile for an effective leader, it turns out that these men and women do have something in common. Effective leaders share eight common traits. The late management expert, Peter … [Continue Reading...]