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15 Influential Events that Shaped Baby Boomers

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Understanding the Baby Boomer Personality and their Core Values
What Events Shaped the Baby Boomer Personality
Video: Understanding and Managing Baby Boomers
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Generations in the Workplace Article Series

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Understanding the Baby Boomer Personality and their Core Values

Generational personality comes from events that a generation of people experience as they are growing up in a certain point in time in American history.  These events shape the values of that generation which they later bring to the workplace.

The core values of Baby Boomers include optimism, team orientation, personal gratification, health and wellness, personal growth, youthfulness, work, and involvement.  When a workplace environment supports their values Baby Boomers are more satisfied with their jobs. When these and other values important to them are missing, Baby Boomers are less engaged.

Baby Boomers are restless souls who see themselves as the Stars of the Show. Click To Tweet

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What Events Shaped the Baby Boomer Personality

One can understand the restless nature of Baby Boomers when we look back at some of the influential events that shaped them as they were growing up.  Here’s a list of 15 of those events:

  • 1954 – McCarthy hearings begin
  • 1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to move to the back of the bus
  • 1957 – First nuclear power plant
  • 1960 – Kennedy elected President
  • 1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis
  • 1963 – Martin Luther King leads march on Washington DC
  • 1963 – President John Kennedy assassinated
  • 1964 – Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed
  • 1965 – United States sends ground troops to Vietnam
  • 1966 – National Organization for Women founded
  • 1967 – American Indian Movement Founded
  • 1968 – Martin Luther King assassinated
  • 1968 – Robert Kennedy assassinated
  • 1969 – First moon landing
  • 1970 – Kent State University Shootings
Baby Boomers value personal growth, team involvement, and personal gratification. They are loyal to their careers first and to their employers second! Click To Tweet
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Video: Understanding and Managing the Baby Boomer Generation

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Scholarly Citation for this Article

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Generations in the Workplace Article Series

Reference: Generations at Work. AMACOM

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